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Posted at August 30th, 2013

AK EliteClick Image To Visit SiteHi, my name is Brad Callen, and today I want to introduce you to a brand new software program that has the potential to make you a whole lot of money. In this short presentation, I’m going show you how I and many others are making 1000s of dollars of passive income each and every month with the help of the largest buyer search engine in the world, Amazon.com.

In fact, I’d bet that you’re one of those buyers yourself, having bought at least 1 book off of Amazon in your lifetime. And if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably even bought 10s to 100s of books from them.

It’s no secret that Amazon is THE place to go when you’re looking for a physical book, but did you know that way back in 2009, Amazon’s Kindle Book sales surpassed that of their physical book sales?

And, since then, their Kindle book sales have continued to climb at unheard of speeds. In 2012, Amazon announced that their Kindle eBook salesliterally DOUBLED the sales made from their physical books!

The unique and exciting part about all of this is that the majority of Amazon’s Kindle book store is filled with ebooks written by people like you and I. And not just well-known, published authors, like their physical book store.

I strongly believe that publishing Kindle books is one of the easiest money making systems to come around in a very long time. But don’t just take my word for it. Feel free to visit any internet marketing forum and you’ll find post after post from people talking about how they’d tried for yearsto make a buck online, and FINALLY they were able to, by publishing their first Amazon Kindle book.

Now, I know what you’re thinking… And it’s probably all of the same things I thought before I published my first book and saw the crazy income potential we have right at the tip of our fingers.

Well, let me ease your mind by saying that publishing a Kindle book is as easy as writing an email and clicking send. Amazon makes it extremely simple for even the newest newbie to publish a Kindle book.

Or you might be thinking the market forKindle books is probably fairly small because you have to own a Kindle, to read a Kindle book.

This is originally what I thought this as well, but it turns out that you can actually download a free app or program so you can read Kindle books on your PC, your Mac, or even your smartphone… making Kindle books available on millions of devices worldwide.

Well guess what? I’m not a very good writer either. I’ve written exactly zero of the Kindle books I’ve ever published. It’s very easy to outsource if you don’t have the time or passion to write your own. I’ll show you the best places to have Kindle books outsourced for you

And lastly, you might be thinking that you don’t have a clue how to market your Kindle book once you write it. You may have even tried writing an eBook before. You spent months building a website, only to makeno sales.So, you might be wondering, what’s the point in publishing a Kindle book ifyou couldn’t make a single sale of your eBook from your own website.

Well that’s one of the reasons that Amazon is so amazing. THEY market your book for you. It’s crazy. Once you make a few sales, Amazon notices and then starts to advertise your book in various places all over their website (which, like I said earlier is the biggest ecommerce website on the planet), sending you more traffic and more sales every day, without you having to worry about, or even knowing how to drive traffic to your Kindle book listing!

Hopefully you’re starting to see why so many people that couldn’t earn a dime online a year ago, are now able to make 1000s of dollars monthly by publishing Kindle books,both non-fiction AND fiction. It really is the perfect passive money making system for anyone.

Let me show you some income stats from the very first non-fiction Kindle book that I ever personally published to Amazon.

Keep in mind those were my very first earnings from my very first Kindle book. Back when I had no idea what I was actually doing.I put in the work once (well, actually I just outsourced the work once) and this book continues to make me more and more money every single month, on complete auto-pilot. An extra $12,000 a year from spending only about an hour outsourcing is some of the easiest money I’ve ever made. Oh, and I was able to achieve those results with no email list, no following, and without leveraging anything else. I started from absolute scratch.

Or take a look at my friend, Charity Cason’s earnings, who follows her passion, and love for writing, (unlike myself) and writes mostly fictional Kindle books.

All passive income. And remember, Amazon does all of the promotion, while Charity just collects her pay check at the end of each month.

Also, keep in mind, this isn’t a one-time shot, but rather, they’re making this each and every month!

Alright, early I mentioned that Amazon was the perfect passive money making system that even the newest newbie could start making money from. And this is completely true, but there is 1 caveat.

In order for Amazon to promote your books more and more, sending you more and more traffic AND more and more buyers each day, you need to make some initial sales to show Amazon that your book is worth promoting.

After all, it makes sense, right?Amazon’s ultimate goal is to make money, so they… Read more…

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