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Construction Marketing Guide – for the 21st Century

Posted at September 12th, 2012

Construction Marketing Guide - for the 21st CenturyClick Image To Visit SiteA  U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report predicts that nationwide, 462,755 construction firms will be forced to close in 2013.  Four Hundred Thousand! The effects of the recession that we were supposed to climb out of keep dogging the U.S. and we just can’t seem to pull out of it.  And it’s likely to get worse.  Economic forecasts are not looking up. Bad reports have recently been released from major economic analysts.  Agencies like Standard & Poors, the Economist, and Forbes Inc., have all put out forecasts that predict the next few years to be bleak.

But construction firm owners aren’t the kind to take this lying down, and there is something you can do.  By taking simple action to define and plan your marketing efforts you can survive.  In fact, some firms are not only surviving, but seeing record profits.  These companies are unique in that they are using consistent, planned marketing efforts.  This program can help new or struggling construction contractors beat their industry’s high failure rate.

With the Construction Marketing Guidebook you will learn how to plan and guide     your entire staff’s marketing efforts.  The system will enable you to:

My professional story began as a young marketing manager in a company with little guidance or understanding what marketing meant to the organization.  I shadowed the outgoing manger for a week and was taught all the skills to master “reactive marketing.”  This is where you wait for marketing needs to arise and then you react with a solution.  The problem with this method is that you are always 2 steps behind and you end up guessing.

The leadership and most employees had little understanding of what marketing was to our company, or what the marketing manager was really supposed to… Read more…

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