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Long Tail Pro – **Keyword Research Software to Find Long Tail Keywords**

Posted at June 19th, 2014

Long Tail Pro - **Keyword Research Software to Find Long Tail Keywords**Click Image To Visit SiteI’m a fan of Long Tail Pro! It’s a powerful keyword research tool that I’ve used and am very impressed by. I definitely recommend Long Tail Pro.

We’ve found Long Tail Pro to be the most effective keyword tool at delivering the golden nugget keywords we need to continue to build out our sites for profit. We strongly encourage you to pick up this tool today.

Long Tail Pro is the best keyword research and blogging idea tool I’ve ever seen. This software has gotten me really, really excited and it’s a perfect tool for businesses serious about content marketing.

“Thanks I love the program! I vouch for the power of it, best product I bought in years….I haven’t used Market Samurai in months but don’t tell them that!

Before Platinum, Long Tail Pro still got the job done. But now that it has a Keyword Difficulty metric (the only accurate one I’ve honestly been able to find…), it’s surpassed my expectations for a software app and it’s really taken my niche research to the next level.

The new features of LTP Platinum are a great addition to an already complete tool. The ability to have an objective score that compares different keywords is invaluable in niche selection. Now I can quickly determine which keyword will be easier to rank for without using all those pesky spreadsheets!"

Long Tail Pro has become a major cornerstone to how I perform keyword research for my publishing business. So far the Platinum version has delivered. The time and effort to discover new solid keywords has been reduced yet again.

I’ve been building websites for several years now and cannot believe how since using Long Tail Pro it has changed the way I do business. I use it to choose domain names, long tail keywords to use on pages and in naming the navigation pages. Plus I now know how to take on the competition or my client’s competition. This powerful software takes marketing a business website to a whole new level!

Thank you for creating the invaluable Long Tail Pro. I use it almost daily to research domain name concepts and especially for a lesser known purpose–I like to use Long Tail Pro to do keyword research for pages and page content. As you know LTP helps us all in the struggle against the Google Gods and their "minor weather updates" which are destroying small business opportunities. Thank you for helping keep us viable with Long Tail Pro.

I’m really liking the new features in Long Tail Platinum. The keyword competitiveness formula is a great addition and saves me so much time. Long Tail Pro is the only keyword research tool I use! Cheers

First off, I love the product. I spent a lot of time comparing LTP to Market Samurai and what sold me was your ideas and thoughts on finding niche keywords. I love the average KC [in Platinum]. I can eliminate overly-competitive keywords without going through them one-by-one.

I tried the long tail platinum versions, and I think it’s excellent. With the option to measure the competition is very easy to find keywords for positioning. This saves time.

I am loving Long Tail Pro! I am experimenting with some niche sites, but also for content creation for my main site. I have even been able to use it at work to help my clients in a very competitive Insurance industry.

Just one word to describe my feeling when I got my hand on Long Tail Platinum: AWESOME! The new Keyword Competitiveness Calculation feature is exactly what I need and have been waiting for this for a long time. The working speed of this new version is extremely fast, which is great, because time is money and nobody wants to spend hours waiting for results. I even ran a speed test for LTP and MS (which was a very good keyword research tool) and the result was impressed: LTP took only 2:58 minutes to generate a list of 2847 potential keywords from 5 seed keywords. The cool thing is that you dont have to click on another button to gather further information like avg. CPC, Searches, Adword Competition and domain availability because the task is done. MS took 10:48 minutes and 2 steps to generate 800 keywords with information, but I still had to spend some additional minutes to check domain availability for EACH keyword. Very time consuming! And, a big thank to Spencer, I’m building a new website targeting a gold nugget keyword with over 5000 searches hehe.. LTP rocks! " –

I’ve been using LTP since it came out and with very positive results. The program is regularly updated and Spencer and his team are very responsive to questions."

Thanks for Long Tail Platinum! I own Market Samurai and found LTP easier to use with great success finding high value URLs. Keep up the good work.

"I’ve already found a few promising keywords today with this amazing software! My favorite part of this software is its ability to come up with relevant keyword ideas and check domain availability at the same time. That helped me make the decision to buy Long Tail Pro. I also like multiple seed keywords and custom filters. It really saves me a lot of time and effort when I’m doing keyword research."

As for the LTP software, It’s accelerated my research and I can’t see how I functioned with out it. Thanks again for the work on that front as well."

“I’ve spent about 5 hours over the past few days using the Longtail Pro software. It’s really incredible and blows Market Samurai away!”

So I just bought the Long Tail Platinum Program and man I can’t believe how much quicker and easier this has made my life already!

"Well, I did go ahead and buy the program based on our conversation. Having tested… Read more…

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