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tattoos, Spiritual Skin, Sacred Tattoos ebook by Tania Marie, Costa Mesa, CA Buy the Ebook

Posted at September 12th, 2012

tattoos, Spiritual Skin, Sacred Tattoos ebook by Tania Marie, Costa Mesa, CA Buy the EbookClick Image To Visit SiteNew Paradigm Tattoo Book Empowering Lives With Progressive Insights About the World of Sacred Tattoo Art

How would you like to know how to create the perfect tattoo for your body that will turn heads, support your spiritual awakening, and fulfill your deepest drive for self-expression? How important is it to you to empower yourself, grow spiritually, and consecrate your body as a temple? Do you want to ensure you get value for your money and avoid painful and expensive laser removal processes? If you can use benefits like these and others, this might be the most important information you will ever read. Let me share more…

Too good to be true? Don’t worry: it’s all there and more. I’ve gone through my own personal journey with sacred tattoos over the last 13 years, including over 100 hours of tattoo work and life changing experiences, and many further hours of research into ancient healing arts and practices. As a Reiki Master Teacher, visionary artist, tattoo designer, and intuitive healer, I have devoted my life to supporting integrative, healing experiences. This journey has led me to uncover how the potent symbolism in sacred art like tattooing can access and support emotional and spiritual healing. The more I experienced the effects of this life-changing information, the more I saw the valuable gifts it held. And now you can benefit from all of my research and life experiences. Spiritual Skin brings years of discovery and experience to your finger tips.

"A recent study found that more than one-third of Americans age 18 to 29, and one-quarter of those between 18 and 50, have at least one tattoo!"

"A survey of tattoo artists found that one-third of those getting tattoos chose designs that reflected their spiritual or religious beliefs."

"When you empower yourself and get a tattoo, people will know you are running your own life, instead of listening to them!"

You will receive practical guidelines to help you with every aspect of your tattoo decision, including symbolism, timing, safety, ink, and artist choices. You will discover how spiritual tattoos are fast becoming one of the most sought-after choices, and how tattooing is growing in significance and influence. What you learn can be applied to all areas of your life in profoundly empowering ways, which is why the process and decisions are so important and why this book is a must-read.

You will discover techniques to evaluate tattoo designs for compatibility with, and support for, your body and spiritual energy.

You will deepen your connection to this sacred art, to yourself, and to a sacred way of connective life experience.

You will gain provocative insight, rich history, and practical guidelines on tattoos and every aspect of your tattoo process.

"Spiritual Skin! A book whose time has come! And I can think of no one better suited to bring this valuable and life-changing information to light! How one approaches a tattoo, their ‘conscious intention,’ is of utmost importance! In this book Tania illuminates the deep, ancient and sacred connection between the skin and the Spirit. May this book be a bolt of Divine Inspiration for any who may be seeking a tattoo. And may all who come across this book find tranquility in Tania’s meditative cadence… This is the book anyone interested in tattoos should read!" Siva, Sedona Tattoo Artist

"Spiritual Skin is a beautifully put together ebook which perfectly mirrors my own feelings about tattooing and its sacred symbolism in my life. Tattoos for me are another way to express my own unique creativity and spirituality. Just like music and food, they are a way to take an invisible energetic impulse sensed on other realms and translate it into something materially substantive and appreciable on the physical realm. If you are considering a tattoo, or are already captivated by your own tattoos, reading Tania’s book will help you consolidate your ideas and validate your feelings." Kate Magic, Raw Food Expert & Author of UK’s Best-Selling Raw Recipe Books

"This extraordinary book arrived in my life in a most synchronistic way: On the very day I was headed to the tattoo parlor for a consultation! Upon reading the book, not only did it deepen my connection to this most sacred art form, but it also deepened my connection to the sacred ways of life… I was inspired by the essence of this book. One never knows from where they will receive some profound guidance and insight, and I dare say this book about sacred tattoos will provide something surprisingly beautiful to each and every reader… This book reads like a spiritual masterpiece. Clearly Tania Marie is deeply in tune with Spirit/energy. It’s gorgeous." Gaile Lynn, Haiku, Hawaii

Simply put, there is no other book out there like this. No other tattoo book is changing people’s lives so dramatically, which is why this is not just the book for tattoo enthusiasts, but for anyone with an interest in enhancing their life and discovering thought-provoking, must-knows on the topic. This is a revealing, rich, rarity among tattoo books that will leave you transformed. There are no other tattoo books out there with your spiritual well-being in mind. And for all of those reasons, I knew this information was far too important to keep to myself.

There are other books out there that help with tattoo guidelines, but none focus on spirituality and self empowerment as the driving forces. Spiritual Skin provides practical and physical guidance, historical perspective, metaphysical insight, spiritual and personal discovery, an enlightening tattoo artist interview, and my own revealing, intimate tattoo story all wrapped up in one book.

Receive the benefit of my 13 years of direct tattoo life experience, integrated with extensive research hours, plus thousands of dollars of tattoo work to gain that experience. This is an extraordinary offer at only $12.95, which is less than most books out there that provide only half the story! $12.95… Read more…

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