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51 Workout Finishers – Workout Finishers V2

Posted at June 19th, 2014

51 Workout Finishers - Workout Finishers V2Click Image To Visit SiteThe best part? You’ll do every single finisher “Follow-Along” style with High-Quality videos you can download to your computer, tablet or phone as Brian Kalakay and I coach you with every finisher every rep of the way.

Workout Finishers Expert Mike Whitfield introduces his breakthrough “Metabolic Stacking” training to help you torch body fat and smash any plateau in as little as 3 minutes without EVER stepping on a treadmill again…

Groundbreaking report by Mike Whitfield shows 4 strategies to TRIPLE your results with no cardio… Creator, Workout Finishers System Contributor to the Men’s Health Big Book of Getting Abs

First, I want to tell you I know exactly how you feel right now.  It happens. You graduate high school. You get married. Maybe you have kids. The weight comes on.

First, it’s five pounds. Then it’s ten pounds. Then your clothes get uncomfortable and the excuses come… “Well, I’m older now. It was bound to happen”

But something inside of you is set off because you’ve had enough, so you head to the gym to start your workout routine.

But four months later, you’re feeling and looking the same. Your clothes are still tight. You’re still frustrated.

And to make things worse, you’re bored with your workouts and you find yourself working out too much, especially when you don’t see a difference in the mirror. You’re on the verge of burnout.

You’re giving your BEST effort, five to six days a week and you’ve even increased your workout time and spending about an hour every single time. Yet, you’re not seeing a single change.

Yet, you see someone YOUR age come into the gym, spend LESS time working out, and they look leaner and more athletic than you.

They didn’t even come close to ANY of the cardio equipment.  They aren’t even performing one of the most popular methods in the world – interval training.

How are they leaner, showing more definition and looking more athletic than you? And how are they doing it spending a fraction of the time you’re spending in the gym, and even refusing to perform any kind of cardio (yes, even intervals)?

Today, you’re going to discover their secret – and it’s called, “Metabolic Stacking”. No, it’s not a gadget, nor do you have to give up your favorite workouts. Let me repeat that for you…

Not only will you discover how to use metabolic stacking with virtually any workout, but you’ll also discover my embarrassing story of how I was once 300 pounds and my frustrations.

It’s really important to you that you read my story. Without reading exactly how I lost 105 pounds of ugly fat and lost 14 inches from the waist, you’re simply going to fail.

I’m sorry to be so harsh with you, but it’s the truth. Because once you see what’s possible through my story, you’ll have no choice but to succeed. It’s one thing to discover what “metabolic stacking” is. But it’s another thing to discover this secret and put it on the shelf.

The real secret to ultimate success is the combination of the inspiration you’ll get from my story and actually applying metabolic stacking.

Quite frankly, metabolic stacking is HARD. That’s why not everyone uses it. It’s not “sexy”. It doesn’t sell. Fitness experts are afraid of admitting to you in black and white that losing fat and becoming a better version of yourself takes hard, focused work.

I should know. Until I discovered metabolic stacking, I struggled with the desire to change and the desire to work out.

So, if you’re still here and you’re “bummed out” about this hard work that comes with metabolic stacking, then I recommend you stop reading now. This scientific breakthrough is NOT for you. Metabolic stacking doesn’t work for lazy people.

But with the inspiration you get from reading my story and applying metabolic stacking, you’ll finally bust through your plateau and lose fat. But that’s NOT what metabolic stacking is about.

Fitting in new, smaller clothes, turning heads and having a leaner, more athletic body is simply a by-product.

Metabolic stacking is about reinventing yourself… a renewed and rejuvenated version of you with a sense of confidence you’ve never experienced before…

Like you, I was embarrassed of how I looked, but more importantly, I was disgusted with how I felt. I was 300 pounds and wearing 46 inch pants and wearing XXXL shirts.

Not only was I tired, but like you, I was also emotionally drained and burned out. I was tired of hiding from the camera at family functions. I always made sure I wore big and baggy clothes to hide my ugly fat.

On a cold December day in 2002, I was playing a football video game and I threw an interception.  Out of frustration, I threw the controller down. Once I bent down to pick it up, I had an “A-ha” moment.

I realized I was not the person I was meant to be. As athletic as I was throughout my life, I had led myself to this… a grouchy, overweight guy in his twenties letting life go by. I struggled as I reached down to pick the controller up. It was ridiculous as I huffed and puffed.

I sat there on my couch, in shock, wondering what had happened to me. I was so athletic through my entire life, yet here I was, sweating from picking up a dang controller.

I even struggled just to get up and down the stairs or carrying more than two bags of groceries… in my twenties.

I’m sure you can relate as one bad habit led to another. A desk job led to more snacking and boredom. And that boredom trickled down into my workouts… Read more…

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