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Beauty Tips NewsLetter – Beauty Tips Newsletter

Posted at July 13th, 2012

Beauty Tips NewsLetter - Beauty Tips NewsletterClick Image To Visit SiteThe fact of the matter is….Nobody in their right mind actually enjoys writing that much (besides me)…..It is time consuming. It is Boring. And the worst part is….It is NOT a good use of your time (unless you absolutely have to).

BUT, you know that it is very essential. You know that having a serious newsletter is one of the BEST ways to get new customers and one of the best ways to be viewed as an authoritative figure of the beauty industry with your existing customers.

….If you visit 5 beauty salons, you will see that 4-5 of them will not have their own newsletter- if you don’t have one either, then you are not alone…

Luckily, I’ve recently put together a service that solves all of your problems and allows you to enjoy your free time without the hassle of having to worry about creating your own newsletter.

Good news….For the next 100 beauticians who realize the value and potential of having a high quality newsletter, you can get exactly what I just mentioned!

Here are 3 different creative ways that you can put these articles to use in order to make more money……Get more business…..And become the most well respected and sought after beautician in your town…..

These are just a few of the dozens of ways you can use these newsletters to get more business and generate more revenue. But, right about now I have a feeling you are asking yourself…..

Well…Now that you ask….I am internet marketing professional that has been working with beauticians for several years now. From conversations with my beautician clients in the United States and Canada one thing become very evident….

Even after I explained how a newsletter can help… Read more…

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