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Ben Pakulski – The Scientific & Cutting Edge Approach To Building Lean Muscle Mass

Posted at January 25th, 2014

Ben Pakulski - The Scientific & Cutting Edge Approach To Building Lean Muscle MassClick Image To Visit SiteDiscover How You Can Immediately Double Your Muscle Gains, Remodel ANY "Weak" Bodypart, Smash EVERY Plateau, All While Revealing Your Abs At The SAME Time…

Arnold brought you the original Arm Blaster, now Pak Man shows you how to do it in 2013 with science & execution! An additional piece to the MI40 System is dedicated to a desire that EVERY guy in the world has thought about, certainly complained about and likely even dreamed about!

When you pick up a copy of MI40 today, I’m going to GIVE YOU the EXACT workout I used in prep for the ARNOLD CLASSIC to put 2 inches on my arms in 3 weeks! If your disappointed in the size of your arms, hit a sticking point or just want to make your big guns…. even BIGGER… you’ll LOVE this. The cool and exciting thing about arms is that they are a small muscle and recover rather quickly. This is an extreme workout and should only be used for three (3) weeks at a time, MAX! Super short (20-25 minutes) that only require a set of dumbbells and a bench. Excited yet? You should be! This is another muscle building GEM that you can use the rest of your life and definitely something that you’re going to want to have in your arsenal!

And when you pick up MI40 by tomorrow, I’m giving it to you for FREE! After tomorrow, however, The Real Arm Blaster will never be made available again, even to buy. The only way you can get it is by picking up MI40 during this special launch event.

Hi, my name is Benjamin Pakulski and I’m honored for the opportunity to expose the five most common training and dietary mistakes reversing your gains and I am extremely excited to hand you my plateau-busting shortcuts to maximize lean muscle gains, crush "weak body parts" and incinerate fat so you keep your abs the entire time.

Every 40 days you’ll experience a new growth spurt utilizing my body-remodeling methods –NOS ™ technology, the power of the number forty, my Three-Phase Nutrition system and the revolutionary workout technique Intentions.

No matter what you’re taking, you BETTER make sure your body is working optimally on the INSIDE and your training is MAXIMIZED on the outside.

You can take as many "extra-curricular supplements" as you want, and if your body isn’t treated as a whole organism; maximizing recovery, controlling inflammation and balancing hormones – its going to BREAK DOWN very, very quickly. Your gains will be limited and not long-term.

There are TONS of juice monkeys in every gym taking stuff and NOT growing. They have the "eat more protein, lift more weight approach".

Ninety percent of my clients are 100% drug-free so I know my methods are equally effective for drug-free & drug-assisted individuals. I approach ANY athlete by looking at the body as a whole. If there is ONE ingredient missing from the pie, you won’t be responding in the best way possible.

What someone chooses to do above and beyond PERFECT training concepts and optimal nutrition is their own choice. Anabolic "assistance" or not, why wouldn’t anyone want to minimize their time in the gym and maximize results? Sounds like pretty simple meathead math to me.

In fact, I have always preferred working with drug-free trainees because it’s more of a challenge and requires a more thoughtful & intelligent approach. We must carefully analyze every aspect if we want them to beat their non drug-free counterparts! They often tend to be much more receptive to an intelligent "whole body" approach.

Drugs or no-drugs, professional bodybuilders are just like you. We obviously have different caloric requirements, different training load, but at the end of the day, we’re all trying to get 100% out of our bodies. We push our limits, minimize injuries, recover as fast as possible and do it all over again!

The smarter bodybuilders, like myself, focus on how to optimize recovery: short term and long term. This is the limiting factor to muscle growth! The faster you can recover, the more time you spend being anabolic (growing). Improve your capacity to recover faster and you can train again sooner to stimulate more new growth.

To tell you all a little about myself, I am a graduate of the University of Western Ontario. My areas of study were primarily Kinesiology and Biomechanics. In short, muscle function and movement are my specialty – how to maximally shorten and extend a body part through it’s strength curve while maintaining maximal tension, is what WE’RE ALL AFTER! More on that shortly…

My passion for health and fitness is second only to my passion for helping others improve their lives. I know it sounds somewhat "cliché" but ask anyone who knows me, and they will tell you that I am one of those people that gives selflessly and LOVES to see the people around me succeed. I always say that "Living a successful life is never any fun on your own. Bring as many people along for the ride as you can!"

I have never viewed myself as an overly blessed individual (I was once a long distance runner and no one in my family works out). From day one, my life has been centered on learning the best information, from the best resources and brightest people who exist.

Fourteen (14) years I have been ACTIVELY SEEKING cutting edge information from the world’s leading athletic doctors, coaches, trainers and therapists and applying just about every possible technique on myself. This journey has brought me to where I am today…

A very successful, happy, healthy, motivated, professional bodybuilder, author, public speaker, nutrition coach, celebrity trainer and success coach. Sounds like a lot of hats, but they all tie into one balanced life… sometimes! ☺

Ever notice that you FEEL the muscle better on your warm up sets than you do on your "working sets"? Isn’t it so true that the lighter… Read more…

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