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How to Build Muscle – The No Nonsense Guide To Fast Muscle Building

Posted at June 19th, 2014

How to Build Muscle - The No Nonsense Guide To Fast Muscle BuildingClick Image To Visit SiteThis is the instantly downloadable 201 page body sculpting manual. The same book that is literally changing the lives of hundreds of skinny, average and chubby guys and gals. The book that promises to build natural mass in the shortest time possible!

As the title suggests, "No Nonsense" gets right down to it. It is not just another e-book with a bunch of boring pages that you won’t even finish reading. It’s actually the opposite!

It is direct and to the point, but is packed with the most comprehensive system I’ve ever seen! It will empower you with every tool required to short-cut your success to insane muscle gain!

No fluff. No B.S. No hype!It’s designed for one thing and one thing only… to show you the most direct and uncomplicated methods to building more muscle mass and gaining weight. Quickly and easily.

Trust me, no one has worse genetics (for building muscle) than a long-distance runner who ran 80-120 km a week for 10 years…so if you think you have bad genetics – throw that excuse out the window!

Whether you are an aspiring bodybuilder, fitness model, competitive athlete or just want to look good in a bathing suit – this system has been proven to work time and time again!

You get exclusive access to a secret website that gives you insider information to skyrocket your success.

You get to begin with Vince DelMonte’s Beginner-Intermediate Intensive 29 week program in its entirety.

You get access to an entire years worth of workouts which leaves you with zero guesswork and a years worth of injury free workouts.

For those who consider them self an advanced trainer then consider this a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Whether you have not been challenged in awhile, want to compete on stage or just ready to take your body to a new level of muscularity…

…this killer 29 week max-power bad boy has got your name written all over it! Everything is explained in explicit detail to ensure maximum effectiveness!

Warning:This program was specifically designed to take you WAY outside of your comfort zone and take your muscularity to an entire new level. If you end up in the washroom after the first 15 minutes- don’t be hard on yourself.

You get exclusive access to the same secret website that gives you additional insider information to skyrocket your success.

"Hold on… I just included a completely unique preparation program to GUARANTEE and jump start your success…"

As a professional fitness trainer, Vince knows that starting any fitness training program – no matter who you are – with any of the following issues is absolute suicide:

Whatever the case, I have created a completely unique introductory kick start program called Upside Down Training. Can you believe that the majority of testimonials you read on this page are from people who are only in the INTRODUCTORY phase!!!

You truly have no other option but to succeed when you kick off your program with a completely individualized program to eliminate any potential injuries and lay a rock solid foundation to jump start your muscle growth.

As you can see, Upside Down Training should be a product by itself. This site is actually in the works and will probably be sold for $47-67 once it’s released so don’t procrastinate.

Eat more, eat more, eat more! I am sure you have heard it a thousand times before. But nobody has shown you exactly what to eat and in what amounts!

After you have access to these meal plans you will no longer have any excuse for not gaining muscle. Print them off and put them in your kitchen. Finally…no more guesswork. Just follow the plans and gain mass muscle!

Other websites offer basic 30 days meal plans, but you’re getting 5 unique 84 day meal plans with a variety of food. That’s 12 full weeks of no-guesswork, real… healthy eating.

Now you don’t have to worry that bulking up means eating fatty foods. These plans range from 2,000 calories to a massive 6,000! Yes… 6,000 calories of healthy eating.

You are in complete control of how much muscle you gain! Can you imagine how huge you will be when you build to the 6000 calorie meal plan!

And no one has these meal plans ANYWHERE. I know this because well… plans like this are not cheap to have made. I’m able to offer them because well…Don’t tell anyone, but the guy who owns the nutrition company… He’s my workout partner! Shhhhhhh. Separately they’d cost you $235.00 for an entire set.

And the answer is "Yes!" You can even use my program at home even if you only have the bare minimum exercise equipment…I got you covered!

The Insane Virtual Exercise Demonstrator includes every exercise necessary to complete my Intensive 52-week program properly.

Workout out at home, at your school, at your college gym or in a fancy super sized club…every exercise you need is included.

Even if you are a beginner, a young guy or can’t afford to get a personal trainer to show you how to execute each exercise safely – the demonstrator will show you how to do each exercise properly.

You’ll even get a mini anatomy lesson since all these exercises are conveniently organized by muscle groups and movement patterns. Say goodbye to injuries and say hello to max- power workouts!

Either you don’t have the time or don’t have a clue on how to calculate your resting metabolic rate, caloric cost of activity, thermic effect of food and adaptive thermogenesis. Did I lose you?

Getting massive (or getting lean for that matter) are based on understanding the exact amount of calories you actually need. Sadly, most people royally screw this up!

Just enter your details and my "Metabolic Growth Calculator" will do the rest. Simply tell it if you want to "progressively gain muscle without getting a pot… Read more…

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