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iSexhibition, an Outrageous Electronic Flirtation Game

Posted at September 12th, 2012

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Dear Friend, Nightclubs Worldwide are always looking for unique Bar Promotions to entertain their guests, boost their business and outshine their competition. Sexhibition, an outrageous electronic flirtation game, was designed to do all these things and as a Silent Game can be performed alone or in conjunction with Karaoke, Dance Music, Live Bands or any other form of Entertainment! I performed the first Live Weekly Show of Sexhibition in 1995 (back when we used to party like it was 1999) at Burkhart’s Pub in Atlanta, Georgia, USA! It was Thanksgiving Night and with Two Weeks of promotion under our belt we had an incredible first night crowd. By the second week we had a Standing-Room-Only Crowd, at which time the Owner immediately booked me for a second night!

Join us and become a part of the Next Big Thing, Blaine Klingaman iSexhibition Founder/Creator Contact Me!

Below you can give iSexhibition a Test Drive on our beautiful 27" iMac from Apple Computer! This is an actual working gameboard that you will see on your computer and the Nightclub Guests will see on the TV Monitors throughout the Nightclub! To see how our system delivers a message, simply Type initials and a message in the gray text fields and then click "Post". Next click on each of the gray lettered buttons and see where it takes you!

With the sluggish worldwide economy people are donating less and less money to Non-Profit Organizations. So, to help, I wanted to add a Fundraising Feature to this next generation… Read more…

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