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Posted at September 12th, 2012

Tattoo Business For Profit.comClick Image To Visit SiteEven if you have no design experience…Even if you have no money to start…Even if you’ve never been in business for yourselfbefore…

If you love drawing and love the idea of making money from doing something you’re passionate about…

Then you are about to be inspired and discover how you can make great money as an Expert Tattoo Artist and start turning your passion into a profitable business.

Hi, my name is Hayley and I know what it is like to have a creative flair and how important it is to strive to use your love of art and design to satisfy your creative urge in whatever work you do.

You see, as a business owner of a Beauty Salon, I have witnessed the blurring of the lines between the Health and Wellness, Beauty and Hair Industries and have seen emerging trends cross the boundaries.

Tattooing is one of those Industries. When I started researching, I discovered exactly what other tattoo artists were doing to set their businesses apart from the competition, how they started-out, how they developed a portfolio, how they got their apprenticeship, and how they priced their ‘ink work’.

All of this led me to creating my very own “Everything You Need To Profit From Your Tattoo Business” a Step-by-Step Guide. THE BEST PART- You only need a love of art and drawing to get started, and after you follow my simple and easy steps (from the comfort of your own home) you will discover how you can become a successful tattoo artist and make money at the same time.

Hi, my name is Hayley. You know, not matter what jobs I’ve had in the last 25 years, I have always strived to use my love of art and design to satisfy my creative urge. Over the past 25 years I have worked in a range of businesses and industries from fashion retailing, skincare companies, personnel and recruitment, training & development and the beauty and wellness Industry.

“Wanting to be in business for yourself is one thing but knowing what you have to do in business to make it work is another! The business sections in this book show you how step-by step. I found it easy to read and understand exactly how to start a tattoo business and more importantly – how to make money.”

“As a tattoo enthusiast, I have been following trends overseas for years. After reading this book I can see what a huge opportunity there is for anyone who loves art and design to get in on the ground floor. The information was so comprehensive and covered everything from the practicalities of studio set-up to insurances and taxation. The explanations of the business plan and structure although really involved was explained clearly and really hit home the importance of planning. This book can really help set-up anyone thinking of a career as a tattoo artist and opening their own business on how to be successful”.

“I thought the book was amazing and really informative. My background is retailing so I particularly liked the section on “How to Boost Your Business Through Retailing.” I can see how easy it is to apply the techniques in the book and boost your weekly takings by implementing these ideas. I can see how I could set myself ahead of the competition”

“I would love to get into Tattooing and this e-book has helped me understand the nitty gritty of the Industry. I now know what skills I have and what I need to be successful. Reading this book has given me the confidence to start following my dream.”

Ever since I started working, I wanted to own my own business one day. When I finally found that working in the beauty industry was something I was passionate about AND I could use my hands and creative skills I was in my element! But what really drove me, was the desire to learn the business skills to turn my business into a really profitable business. I began studying and attending seminars and workshops everywhere! I went crazy! I bought every book on how to sell effectively, on marketing, accounting, and building a business that I could get my hands on.

I also spent thousands of dollars on seminars and tapes, CD’s, on business success, marketing and sales. I would spend hours in my car listening to all my CD’s. I signed-up for online membership subscriptions; I attended expensive seminars, took loads of notes and listened to every word.

I applied everything I learned to my own business. Some things worked exceptionally well, while others just bombed or were a complete waste of time and money. Most importantly though, I tried everything! Now, 25 years and thousands of diligent work hours later…

The first thing I discovered from my wide business experiences is there are certain rules to starting your own business that are essential to success in business, no matter what the product or industry.

The second thing I discovered is that some business owners just never seem to get it and unless they learn and apply certain time proven techniques they are destined to failure. In fact many of these owners end up losing money and just “chasing their tails” with ineffective businesses.

In working with other businesses, I saw many skilled salon owners who had not only put lots of money into starting their own business but many hours of sweat, blood and tears into working IN their business, making ONE Fatal mistake of setting their prices for their services SO LOW there was no way they could effectively make money. I knew that with the right knowledge and good ideas, they could be getting paid double their asking price AND have people begging to buy more!

From my extensive business experience I had learned the hard way that selling at such cheap prices only ends in one outcome – you make no money and eventually… Read more…

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