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The Bachelor’s Blueprint to Cooking

Posted at September 12th, 2012

The Bachelor's Blueprint to CookingClick Image To Visit SiteHave you ever googled "What to have for dinner” or even “Easy meals” only to be disappointed by complex recipes that you didn’t have ingredients for?

Have you ever opened the cupboard to a full shelf of ingredients, but walked away empty handed because “there’s no food”

It’s frustrating when you’re desperately searching for something easy to cook for dinner, only to find that all the “easy” recipes you find are not easy at all. Not only that, but they require loads of fancy ingredients, herbs, spices and equipment that you simply don’t have.

I know that you’re not a chef, and you probably never want to be one. I am exactly the same! We just want simple, tasty meals that can be cooked with minimal effort.

The problem is that every single cookbook and website out there is written by a famous gourmet chef with years of experience. Their definition of “easy” is a lot different to yours and mine.

Those celebrity chef cookbooks people like to give as gifts are chock full of gourmet restaurant quality recipes like Crème Brûlée.

Not long ago I was a typical college student. I’d just moved out of home and into a share house where I could finally be independent.

It didn’t take long for the reality to set in – every few hours, I’d need to find a something to eat. The answer was easy…  TAKE AWAY! Fast, tasty and convenient , what more could you want?

I think you know what happened next… it didn’t take long before I ran out of money. Not only that, I was in the worst shape I’d ever been and was generally feeling terrible all ‘round.

That was the start of "Mission Impossible": Find the… Read more…

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